Our story

A decade of pushing the boundaries. A decade of helping major industry players achieve their full potential. A group of talented innovators, engineers, consultants, developers, trainers, and support staff, all dedicated to a single thing: making the world a safer place.

In any potentially hazardous environment, you’ve got many things to consider. Quick decisions and a keen eye can make all the difference. That’s why eVision Industry Software gives you the essential tools you need to focus on those things that really matter during daily operations.

eVision is the first solutions provider to combine Control of Work, Process Safety Management and EHS into a holistic digital system, providing companies large and small with industry-leading Permit to Work solutions, and fully integrated work safety and efficiency software. Robust systems that empower your crew to make the right decisions; powerful software which empowers your management with real-time data. In short: integrated best-practice Control of Work with cumulative risk management, dynamic barriers, and more, all from a single screen.

eVision by the numbers

Since its inception, eVision has solidified its position as leader in digital  Permit to Work solutions and operational safety software. A clear vision, dedicated and experienced staff, and a drive to constantly learn and adapt are key pillars of this success.

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Choosing eVision

  • Our highly scalable systems allow you to hit the ground running on a single asset or on 100.
  • We enable you to improve your productivity and safety with core workflows like Permit to Work, isolation management, and MOC, or expand your control with innovative functionality and comprehensive technical integrations with leading system providers.
  • Our highly trained consultants, analysts, trainers and Industry SMEs will support you in your process every step of the way.
  • With offices across the globe and partnerships with major system integrators, eVision will assist you effectively, quickly, and locally.

Join leaders like Shell, BP, Qatar Petroleum, Statoil, Total, Maersk, Yara, and many others in the next step towards Operational Excellence. The next step towards your digital future.