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  • Collaboration

    eVision Industry Software works together with senior management and front line operational staff of global oil & gas corporations and other hazardous industries, to first critically analyze the status quo, then improve safety and efficiency by implementing innovative operational safety systems.

    Our success is based on the combination of highly skilled software designers teamed up with our industry-experienced people (managers in HSE, Operations managers, and installation managers) eVision’s software systems realize greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness yielding improvement in both safety and cost reduction.

  • Specialization

    specializationIn addition to our highly specialized development and technology team eVision has many industry experts on board. We employ a wide range of operational and safety experts including installation managers, HSE and operations managers, permit to work training systems experts and standards consultants.

    eVision possesses in-depth knowledge of the processes, issues, technologies and problems in the industries. Complementing our hand-picked experts from the petrochemical and offshore industry, our software engineers and interface designers contribute to our product reputation; simple solutions for complex operational problems.

    We say if we can do it in the Oil & Gas industry, we can do it for any industry – and we do.

  • User Centric Design

    ‘Keeping it simple’ sounds like an easy task, but current standards and expectations in the industry are high. Technologies are advanced, protocols are sophisticated and legislation is strict. Moreover, everyone wants high levels of efficiency and safety compliance.

    eVision faces these challenges by setting uncompromised design principles to deliver a unique user experience. Our software must be logical and user-friendly, to make sure it is used. Sure, beneath the surface is eVision’s unparalleled, future-fit software capability, with limitless capacity to provide the workflows, terminology, alerts, reports and authorisations as demanded by each client. But the user sees a practical system that helps them excel in their job. Talk to a user about the acclaimed eVision experience.

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about us

eVision Industry Software is the global leader in Control of Work software (COW). Companies in the oil & gas, (petro)chemical and other high-risk industries turn to us to improve control over their operational processes, resulting in fully auditable, real-time corporate risk management as well as increased operational efficiency.

Our headquarters is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, with regional offices located in Aberdeen (UK), Stavanger (NO), Woodlands (North America) and Qatar (UAE). eVision has a global partner network and clients on 5 continents.

Our single purpose is to empower our clients to be IN CONTROL of their operations. And we do so with a fundamental belief in our brand values:

  • Ease – In everything we do, everything we design, everything we create, we strive to make it easier for the users; to access information and knowledge that helps them to work safely and efficiently
  • Ahead – We push boundaries and continuously innovate to keep you ahead
  • Together – We believe that together we can achieve more. We believe in the value of close collaboration

We are proud to work for some of the largest companies in the world to help them manage risk and achieve operational excellence. Do have a look at our projects page and the professional services team who support our clients in establishing a safe system of work.