Advisory Panel Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first edition of the eVision Advisory Panel Newsletter as a follow up to the Amsterdam conference, held on January 15, 2014. This introductory issue will continue the debate started at the conference, analyzing the results of the conversations that took place.

The objective of the eVision Advisory Panel Day was to challenge and stimulate our technical community to both understand the progress of technology and to appraise the forthcoming challenges and developments. We have composed a list of feedback given and future available features in Development Activities.

Improving operational safety and excellence can best be achieved through sharing experience and knowledge. Therefore we will hold an annual mid-year event specifically for Advisory Panel members that will enable the community to put into focus current issues and permitting us to realign our research and development to follow up on ever-changing situations in the field and comply with new technological possibilities. More on this in Continuing Last Event below.

To further assist the communal efforts the Advisory Panel Newsletter will give a quarterly look into current trends and developments.

Neil Currie – Chief Technology Officer



Continuing Last Event

In hazardous industries, health and safety is always paramount, though it is one of many factors that drive companies in the oil & gas environment commercially. Proven procedures and processes are conducive to positive change and help the industry to perform more time- and cost efficiently.

The common problem is often that companies commit to their own solutions instead of sparring cooperatively with industry associates. We believe that a joint effort can align strategic directions for the industry, aiding all who commit to sharing their experiences.

Oil & Gas Industry Standard Group
The Oil & Gas Industry Standard Group, or OGIS Group, strives to (1) document various best practices currently used to (2) regulate industry standards for the betterment of the industry as a whole. To achieve these goals cooperation is the principal factor for success.

Therefore, the Group will meet quarterly to discuss current trends, issues, and desired developments, striking a clear path and shape a roadmap.

eVision is fully committed to continue the debates that were discussed during the Amsterdam Conference on January 15th and expand on these to create an encompassing platform. For this reason we will host a conference annually at one of our offices. Additionally, the other three events will be hosted by other Group members in rotation. The contributive nature of the Group is what will realize its beneficial accomplishments.

Advisory Panel
We would like to invite all Advisory Panel members to join the next OGIS Group Conference which will be held mid-year at eVision. The exact date will be announced soon.

Development Activities

Systems, Modules and Features Overviews
To provide clear and concise information of standard systems, modules and features (SMF) as well as additional options we are pleased to introduce product overviews. More information in the Release Management section below.

Please download the overviews here:

Release Management
eVision has invested in a new internal toolset for managing multiple releases, enabling more structured and professional release management to support global clients. Additionally, we have a stable release cycle in place with three minor and one major release per year.

Minor releases will generally be concerned with small fixes, while major releases will introduce new and additional functionalities. In line with the release notes the SMF-overview will be adjusted.

Deployment Template
With the addition of a technical writer we are expanding all technical documentation, expecting early results at the end of Q2 or early Q3 of 2014. The target date for completion of all technical client documentation is Q4 2014.

This includes:

  • Hardware design
  • Infrastructure support
  • Disaster recovery template
  • Release Management/Version updates
Development Process
Thanks to years of experience and an extensive client-base we are confidently working on a best practice model for solution proposal sessions.
The best practice model will subsequently be presented at the workgroup to substantiate the defining of the industry standard solution. We have also introduced client specific test plants with a dedicated lead Quality Assurance engineer per client.

Network Infrastructure Health Check requirements
During the Business Requirements Gathering (BRG) phase the process flows and procedures may be compared with the requirements and compared with the best practice and industry standards. Additionally, interviews with key personnel will be conducted on-site and the minimum infrastructure requirements are checked on the client premises. The BRG-phase will be used for setting performance indicators and steerage of the Solution Proposal phase.

Spell Checker
The spell check functionality is added to all new software releases (as of version 6.2). This can be added on request.

Expansion of the Interactive Help Functionality

Our new client specific Learning Management System (LMS) can be integrated into the interactive help, enabling more interactive learning content to the help page. Another possibility is the inclusion of client specific (video) tutorials which explain processes and procedures.

Filter in Search Function
Additional filters have been introduced with the release of 6.2 (March 2014). For version 7.0 much work is being done to optimize the search area.

More information
For more information on any of the abovementioned items please feel free to contact your Project Manager or Consultant.