Always connected

Vodafone keeps us connected with our clients and international teams


As a total communications provider, Vodafone Global Enterprise ensures that multinational organisations are confidently connected across all parts of their business: across their places, things and business assets, but most importantly across their people. To increase productivity and stay competitive, employees need access to the right communication and collaboration options, in and away from the office. It also means you can drive closer team working across business divisions and borders and, for instance, enjoy shorter product and project development cycles.

Unified Communications

With Unified Communication from Vodafone we ensure we are always connected to our international teams and remain in close contact with our clients, all across the world.

Vodafone’s communication solutions empower our people to manage our international projects. eVision operates on a global scale and our international teams need to stay closely connected to our main development center in The Hague Netherlands.

Digital communications ensures that we are flexible and efficient.

We help our clients to be in control of their operations by digitizing their processes. It is more than logical that we use modern technologies to communicate and share information between our own teams and our clients.

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