Full-function Barrier Management and Cumulative Risk Visualisation in a single solution. Fully integrated with eVision’s ONE Vision platform; fully aligned with your ecosystem.

eVision enables you to to add the cutting-edge functionality you need to your ONE Vision platform. From interactive P&ID, to LOLC registers, to Mobility, this modular approach lets you tailor the system to your needs. A truly critical innovation area in which major improvements can be achieved, is effective barrier management. Due to extensive experience within this field, eVision understands and appreciates the need for a holistic, fully integrated solution which enables maximum visibility, risk awareness and risk mitigation.

eVision’s Dynamic Barrier Management solution enables you to view real-time cumulative risk across areas, assets, and decks, while providing deep-level Swiss Cheese functionality, barrier management and more from a single, easy-to-use interface. Besides being accessible directly from the eVision Permit Vision system, it seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, with the capability to enable open APIs for various third-party systems.


  • Real-time cumulative risk across areas, assets, and decks
  • Interactive barrier management and visualisation
  • Configure risk properties, barrier types and thresholds per site and area
  • Configurable Business Intelligence dashboards
  • …and much more.

PRocess Safety Management

Gain an unprecedented holistic overview of risk on your asset. Cumulative risk, permit state, barrier visualization, Operational Risk Assessments and more are all visible on one single screen. From risk heat maps to threshold review, eVision enables both staff and management to understand, address, and mitigate risk with unrivalled ease.

Dynamic Barrier visualisation

The ONE Vision Barrier Vision system allows for both enterprise/global views, as well as asset-specific views. You decide the granularity you require, at any time. These views give direct insight into the barrier health of your asset(s). The Barrier Management software will visualise all your global assets and highlight for which asset attention is required. Drilling down further, users and management are able to view the full initial/residual barrier model of the asset in question, showing exactly where the problems of the assets lie.


REAL-TIME Heat maps

eVision’s Dynamic Barrier Management solution offers interactive, real time heat maps. This highly useful feature visualises risk levels based on barrier states directly on your site graphics. risk weights are fully configurable. The system will automatically calculate or re-calculate the risk rating based on your desired factors.


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