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The demand for digital Control of Work is on the rise. Gartner, Verdantix, IDC Energy all predict double digit growth for operational safety software in the years to come. Companies, especially those operating in hazardous industries, are digitally transforming their operational processes in order to increase control and better manage risk.

As eVision partner you can play a vital role for clients that are adopting digital control of work. We are actively seeking partners in the fields of consultancy, reselling, software and system integration or support & training.

If you are interested to join our Partner Programme, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss the benefits of our programme. We’d like to partner with you, because we firmly believe that together we can achieve more. We are looking for partners with specific domain expertise and distinct between:

Strategic Alliances

We strategically team up to work on long term mutual success on a specific domain, mostly on a global scale. Our Strategic Alliances are related to large scale multi-country, complex implementations.

Technology Partners

Your product integrates with eVision and the integrated solution delivers new value or functionality to our clients. By integrating control of work software into your applications customers can unlock the value of working safer and more efficient. Integration into maintenance management system, DCS, scheduling or with mobile devices are a few examples.

Service partners

As a Service Partner you are certified to configure eVision software solutions or to deliver professional services such as training and consultancy. You are an expert in delivering eVision curriculum or have your own specific services.

Business Partners

You have a strong geographic and/or vertical focus to whom you provide (pre-) sales advice and resell the eVision software suite.

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