The place to find frequent insights from eVision experts, regarding industry news, exciting technology, predictions, platform innovations, and more.

Over the past decade, eVision has been at the forefront of industry developments, supporting global clients in process industries achieve their operational and safety goals with powerful software. 

eVision prides itself on its in-house expertise: an essential requirement when providing solutions for challenges that can have potentially dangerous implications. Understanding every facet of hazardous industries operations lies at the core of everything we do.

We frequently capture some of the thoughts of our staff, which can be read below: the results of collaboration, understanding, and innovation.

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Simon Kennedy, eVision Software’s COO, shares his insight regarding key digital themes currently impacting and shaping the ongoing Digital Transformation of manufacturing industries. 

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eVision’s Technology and R&D Lead, Ralph Maroun, on empowering enterprises with cutting edge technologies, utilising IoT to its fullest extent through powerful data visualisations.

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Blog: addressing shift handover gaps

eVision Product Manager Sie-Hang Cheung on getting “on the same page” across shifts, using innovative tools to support the shift logging and handover process.

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eVision Product Manager Kunal Bagul on aligning disparate data, and visualising this data in ways that aid the end user in achieving the best-possible operational results.

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BLOG: Interoperability

eVision Chief Architect Damian Hickey talks about how to achieve maximum value from digital innovations, and the software vendors’ collective responsibility to cater for compatibility and interoperability.

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BLOG: Vision Zero

eVision strongly supports the ambition to achieve “vision zero”: zero accidents and incidents in hazardous workplaces. Read eVision Co-founder Neil Currie’s thoughts on how to effectively walk the path towards vision zero with fit-for-purpose software innovations.

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Insight: European Commission H2020 

Predictive risk mitigation has long been the holy grail of hazardous industries solutions development. The ability to mitigate the possibility of dangerous situations occurring is the clearest, yet most complicated step towards Vision Zero, and optimal safe production. eVision had already been tackling this challenge, but since being awarded the H2020-SME instrument phase 2 grant in 2014, this process has been put into high gear, leading to achievements that would have been impossible without H2020.

Read about some of these collaborative achievements here.


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