eVision to bring enhanced controls to VTTI

On 3 February 2015, eVision successfully launched the first phase of a control-of-work project with the Netherlands-based energy storage network VTTI B.V.

VTTI is a fast-growing global terminal operator that is constantly looking at innovations capable of raising standards of process safety.

This includes the operation of its strict permit to work (PTW) controls, and with this in mind VTTI appointed eVision to customise an electronic solution for what is currently a paper-based system.

The two companies have been working in partnership to create a digital solution for two VTTI terminals: ETT in Rotterdam and ETA in Amsterdam. eVision’s Permit Vision software will bring a robust further dimension to overall safety levels at both sites, and tighten current PTW, LOTO and risk assessment processes.

In addition, the new solution will increase operational efficiency, improve visibility and offer complete oversight of the work carried out on VTTI’s active assets.

Both parties are looking forward to a successful and lasting partnership.

eVision to bring enhanced controls to VTTI