Fluxys implements Permit Vision Nomad across Belgium

Permit Vision Nomad allows for a more efficient process, managing permit and isolation certificates on the spot, even without constant internet connectivity.

Fluxys, independent operator of natural gas transport and storage infrastructure in Belgium as well as the operator of the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge successfully rolled out eVision’s mobile application Permit Vision (PV) Nomad across all eight of its regional operating sectors.

The operating sectors Merksem, Anderlecht, Genk, Grace-Hollogne, Jumet, Jemappes, Wetteren and Bruges are responsible for the entire natural gas pipeline in Belgium. Among other responsibilities, they manage permits and isolation certificates for activities on the pressure-reducing stations and junctions of Fluxys. Previously this was handled with written documentation.

“Following the deployment of PV Nomad, we can safely manage isolations and permits electronically, even without network connectivity. Once a connection is established again, every change is uploaded to the system,” says Jurgen Speltincx, Operations Staff Engineer at Fluxys. He adds: “PV Nomad enables Fluxys to issue permits in a more efficient way to cross-country contractors, supporting the continuity of the work on site. The process of isolation management will receive an extra boost and increases the level of safety across the company’s premises.”

At this time, 193 employees have access to PV Nomad, of which 101 use a Panasonic Toughbook. These devices will be replaced by a newer version later this year, the FZ-G1 ATEX, increasing performance and continuing improvements.

About Fluxys Belgium
Fluxys Belgium is the independent operator of the natural gas transmission and storage infrastructure in Belgium. Through its subsidiary Fluxys LNG the company also operates the Zeebrugge liquefied natural gas terminal. As part of the Fluxys group, it is the company’s mission to contribute to security of supply and market liquidity in North-Western Europe by promoting cross-border flows and transfers between gas trading places.
Driven by its first mover approach Fluxys Belgium has developed its infrastructure into a central crossroads for international gas flows in North-Western Europe. The Zeebrugge area plays a key role in this pivotal function: the infrastructure in the area has a throughput capacity of some 50 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year, approximately 10% of the border capacity needed for Europe’s natural gas supply. www.fluxys.com

About eVision
eVision Industry Software is an international software development company specialising in operational safety. eVision is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, with regional offices located in the United Kingdom, Middle East, and United States. eVision has a global partner network and clients on five continents. eVision’s flagship product Permit Vision is the market leading Integrated Safe System of Work which integrates permit to work software, risk assessment, isolations management processes, and external work order systems into one user-friendly system. For more information, please visit www.evision-software.com

Fluxys implements Permit Vision Nomad across Belgium