Oiltanking Amsterdam implements Permit Vision

To ensure its long-term business successes, Oiltanking Amsterdam (OTA) continuously improves the quality of their services and products, while at the same time protecting its people and the environment. OTA has established a vision to become a leader in the global Oil & Gas Terminals industry, and has chosen eVision Industry Software as a partner to move towards improving their operational and safety processes with Permit Vision.

Having implemented Permit Vision on the terminal it now operates with electronic permits, replacing OTA’s paper-based system. Permit Vision also improves the overall safety and safety awareness of the crew and gives the operational management more control and overview of all the work carried out on the terminal.

OTA strives to be leading in all the fields that it operates, including the establishment of new benchmarks for health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) performance and Control of Work. As part of this vision the company strives towards a single, optimum standard for the Oiltanking Amsterdam Terminal and is continuously implementing upgrades and improvements to its processes.

About Oiltanking
Oiltanking is one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals, gases and dry bulk. Oiltanking owns and operates 74 terminals in 22 countries with a total storage capacity of 19.6 million cubic meters. Whether we are providing exceptional storage services, creating profitable outsourcing projects, or engineering successful joint ventures, you will find us wherever there’s a need for creative logistical solutions. Visit: www.oiltanking.com

About eVision Industry Software
eVision Industry Software is the global leader in Control of Work software. Companies in the oil & gas, (petro)chemical and other high-risk industries turn to us to improve control over their operational processes, resulting in fully auditable, real-time corporate risk management as well as increased operational efficiency.

The company is based in The Hague, the Netherlands, with regional offices in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and the United States. eVision has a global partner network and clients on five continents.

eVision’s user-friendly and fully integrated product portfolio includes software for business processes such as permit to work, risk assessment, isolations management and management of change. The state-of-the-art One Vision software platform seamlessly integrates with third-party software systems, utilizing for example external work order and engineering data. For more information, visit www.evision-software.com

Oiltanking Amsterdam implements Permit Vision