Horizon 2020

Michel Tol

Product Marketing Manager

31 October 2017

Minimal risk, maximal safety

As more than 2.3 million people worldwide die as a result of work-related accidents or diseases every year, industries have a real challenge in reducing risks in hazardous work environments. Workers in large industrial installations in particular are vulnerable to fatal accidents like fires and exposure to hazardous substances. Until now the focus has been on preventing accidents through procedures and safety regulations but thanks to eVision this approach might take a radical turn.

Horizon 2020 grant

eVision obtained a Horizon2020 SMEinstrument Phase 2 grant in December 2014 to develop a cumulative dynamic barrier risk management solution: an intelligent system that combines information from over 25 different software systems to forecast risks in several plants simultaneously. It will give a real-time overview of risk levels, an early warning of any increased risk level, based on predictive analysis, and advice to the employee on how to react. The software performs an overall monitoring and gives feedback to the management. In addition to preventing large incidents with global impact the technology will allow planning and managing personal safety more effectively thus decreasing global industry fatality levels.

Market Leadership

eVision already has a full array of products on the market using integrated IT platforms to prevent and manage risks in industrial installations. eVision has the ambition to become a market leader in the control of work software market for all hazardous industries. Predictive vision will complement eVision’s existing products with a completely new approach based on real-time prediction.

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