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BG Group has contracted eVision to implement digital Permit to Work across BG’s frontline operations worldwide. In addition, BG Group uses MMS Integration, LOLC, Isolation Management, Risk Assessment, and Operational Risk Management.

BG Group is a world leader in natural gas, with a strategy focused on connecting competitively priced resources to specific, high-value markets. Active in more than 20 countries on five continents, BG Group has a broad portfolio of business interests focused on exploration and production and liquefied natural gas. It combines a deep understanding of gas markets with a proven track record in finding and commercialising reserves. While our headquarters are in United Kingdom (UK), the majority of our 6 000+ employees, drawn from more than 70 nationalities, work outside the UK.

BG Group is working in 20 countries with over 70 nationalities. BG Group is focusing not only on being one of the world-leaders in producing natural gas, BG Group wants to lead the market in personnel and operational safety as well. BG Group has a zero incident operating policy in place. Globally BG Group has diverse operations, from LNG plants and shipping, to gas processing, offshore operations and large coal seam gas projects. BG Group wants to manage all global frontline operations via electronic and integrated Permit to Work system.

BG Group selected eVision for the global implementation of Permit to Work, Isolation management and risk assessment software. eVision and BG Group have jointly rolled-out to over 40 assets globally and are continuing to roll-out the solution to the remaining assets over the course of the next 2 years. BG Group and eVision have a strategic development alliance where many new operational safety modules are added to the existing environment. The Permit Vision enterprise system deployed at BG Group gives all BG assets frontline control, while central management in reading has live access to all global operations and maintenance activities.
Besides delivering software, eVision is globally responsible for delivering BG Group’s Permit to Work, Isolation management, Risk assessment and operational risk management training.

BG Group

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