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Daewoo International contracted eVision to implement digital Permit to Work on its onshore and offshore facilities. This includes one of the world’s largest offshore installations in Myanmar.

Daewoo International Corporation is Korea’s largest trading company and a subsidiary of POSCO. The company was founded by Kim Woo-choong in 1967 as Daewoo Industrial Co., Ltd, which ran its business in trading and construction. In 2000, as Daewoo Group faced work-out program, Daewoo Industrial Co., Ltd’s trading segment was split and established as Daewoo International Corporation. Daewoo International corporation has five business segments, providing services in international trading, resource development in foreign countries, domestic and international investments in business, foreign projects, support of small and medium sized companies with items such as steel, metal, chemical materials and automobile parts, machinery, plants, electronics, textiles, special materials.


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World’s largest offshore installation uses Permit Vision

After successful usage of the Permit to Work system by Daewoo, the…

Daewoo International