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Permit to work software, once separated from risk assessment, isolations management processes and external work order systems, is now integrated into one single safe system of work (ISSOW). The integration and realization of these processes builds greater safety, organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

There are many benefits for the use of the Permit Vision permit to work system; a focus on risk assessment, more thorough process, improved cost efficiency, improved communication, improved archiving and retrieval, conflict detection and alerts, reduced downtime, capture of lessons learnt and a direct overview of all work carried out on all assets.

Permit Vision is one of eVision’s leading products. Permit Vision makes the transition from the old hard-copy method of Permit-To-Work to a new digital solution. The Permit Vision solution supports several standards including: Deltalinqs, UK HSE, HSG250, HSG253, NOGEPA, NOROG, OIAC, OGP, API, APPEA, AS/NZS and NEN/ISO Standards. Moreover, we can adapt our software solutions to support your industry or company’s local standard.

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  • Efficiency – User friendly presentation simplifies the creation, authorisation and issue of all Permit to Work requirements.
  • Control – Rule-based structure within a defined authorisation process and flexible analysis functions deliver ‘real time’ management information.
  • Productivity – Easy creation of a permit, bringing cost benefits by replacing cumbersome paper-based systems and reducing wasted time.
  • Compliance – Safety checks and ‘alert’ functionality improve legislative and ‘best-practice’ compliance, reducing risk and maximizing safety.

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Permit-To-Work is a proven best-practice method to maintain safety on dangerous hazardous worksites. Whenever maintenance or other work is being done, a Permit-To-Work form has to be issued before work can commence. These forms are only authorised when the necessary safety precautions have been taken. In the old days these were issued on hard-copy forms.

However, protocols and safety measures have expanded, business processes have become more complex and the industry has grown. Maintaining safety with hard-copy forms became a difficult and confusing process. Whenever overview and control are lost, the risk of accidents increases. Permit Vision restores overview and control, enabling safe operation.

PtW and Permit Vision

Permit Vision digitalizes the formerly hard-copy Permit-To-Work forms. Not only does this ease the administrative burden, it also allows the computer to aid users. Using web-based technology, Permit-To-Work forms can be monitored and issued from any location, on and off-shore. This allows control centres to gain a real-time update on all work being done, anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, by providing a unique user-friendly interface, the risk for human errors is minimized. Where in the old days a mistake was easily made, the computer now ensures all safety precautions have been made.

Control of Work (CoW) software system

Large Oil & Gas companies are setting up Global Control of Work projects to ensure all activities within the company are streamlined and the company operating requirements, safety standards and processes are adhered to. For global companies eVision designed an enterprise version of the Control of Work software system. The enterprise version of the Control of Work system allows global Oil and Gas companies to create a ‘Base build’ for the Control of Work requirements. The base-build smoothly deploys to all assets ensuring tight (management) control and adherence to company operating requirements and business rules, while ensuring asset specific flexibility in process and function with full compliance to country specific regulations.

Control of Work, CoW is a key project within the BG Group Operations Program and a corner stone of the BG-Group frontline leadership culture. eVision was selected to design and implement the Control of Work software system. The CoW system will be deployed globally across all BG assets.

The CoW system has an extensive LOTO system for isolation management, Task Risk Assessment system, Safety Critical elements management, cumulative risk and an operational risk assessment system. The Permit process flow is easily managed and graphical overviews allow personnel to instantly see what is going on in the installation and gives management direct insight into day to day operations.

Permit Vision