(Lock Open Lock Closed)


The Lock Open or Lock Closed valve management is incredibly important for the overall integrity of your installation. Where removing a safety barrier typically introduces risk, changing a position of a LOLC valve will introduce a direct threat to the integrity of your installation with undesirable consequences as a result.

eVision has designed a LOLC management system where both operator movements and maintenance movements for LOLC are managed. The system provides direct insight into the LOLC register and a clear overview of any changed positions as well as structuring and management of all movements and authorization levels.

The LOLC register integrates with DCS and PI systems. This way the system can at any time indicate any safety critical valve position and verify the entire LOLC register against the live state of the plant.

The system is incredibly easy to use and integrates directly into the Permit Vision system as well as the Isolation management system, but can be used as a standalone tool as well. Moreover, the system integrates with the graphical overview of your plant, indicating all ‘out of position’ valves and their location as well as integrating directly into eVision’s interactive P&ID system, showing all P&ID’s and the LOLC valves and positions.

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additional features

  • Manage maintenance movements
  • Manage operational movements
  • Integrated into ICC’s
  • Graphically displayed on plotplans
  • Integrated directly into the interactive P&ID’s
  • Real-time overview


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NOPSA, National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority
Deltalinq, Deltalinqs
HSE, Health and Safety Executive
Petroleum Safety Authority
Offshore Industry Advisory Committe, OIAC