Smart Vision

Operational risk management package

Smart Vision

The next generation of Cumulative Risk Management software has been released: Smart Vision, eVision’s leading risk management solution has moved into its third cycle, integrating frontline operational data, planned and live work, real-time plant conditions as well as other factors to dynamically visualize the overall operational risk across your plant. Smart Vision has been designed to give a real-time overview of current Operational Risk in a simple to use dashboard as well as giving a predictive view on your plant conditions mapped on a timeline: supporting proactive planning as well as operational decision making.

eVision’s Smart Vision is the leading Operational Risk and Cumulative risk management tool with seamless integration into the market leading Control of Work system: Permit Vision. Smart Vision allows for practical management of your operation risk across the plant. Smart Vision is a real-time decision support system allowing frontline management to easily understand workload and current risk levels. Smart Vision has been designed to enable proactive risk management allowing for safe workload optimization, driving higher levels of production and lowering risk.

Smart Vision
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Smart Vision improves decision making across the business. It is a powerful tool developed by eVision for the extraction of data from the complete Vision suite of programs displaying risk levels and processes in real-time integrated dashboards and reports with user-defined formatting. Smart Vision integrates into the complete Permit Vision suite and allows you to get real-time data about all defined KPI’s. Furthermore, management can drill down into detailed information, discover bottlenecks, analyse risk levels, see trend overviews and audit site locations. Additionally, Corporate Management can use Smart Vision to get insight and manage multiple assets worldwide, and schedule automatic report delivery via email.

Smart Vision gives our clients a holistic, real-time overview of their business with the ability to drill down into the detailed information to improve decision making. Our Smart Vision solution supplies our clients with interactive dashboards and report with powerful data visualization to provide real-time insights for every management level on risk and process.

Real-time analyses of your workflow steps allows you to monitor, compare, analyse and improve your Control of Work (CoW) processes. Smart Vision enables continuous operational monitoring of your global CoW process.

Any department will be able to use accurate performance indicators to analyze and measure their respective performance in accordance with predefined targets, for instance an OIM will have a detailed dashboard showing all key aspects of their respective installation while the HSE department monitors all lagging and leading safety indicators company wide.

smart vision benefits

    • Real-time risk monitoring and management
    • Designed for cumulative risk management
    • Real-time integration allowing area, site, region and global comparisons
    • Enables operational safety process optimization
    • Easy integration with multiple data sources and IT environments for advanced analytics and fast decision making
      • Vision Suite, Permit Vision, Shift Vision, LOLC etc.
      • 3rd party software such as MMS systems (SAP, Maximo, JD Edwards etc.), Planning systems (Primavera, MS Project etc.), DMS systems (Sharepoint, OpenText, Documentum, Bluecielo etc.)
      • Benefit from customized insights and decisions processes
        • Data Trending
        • Powerful visualization of data
        • Automatic email delivery of reports

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additional features

      • Realtime business intelligence
      • Enterprise wide reporting structure
      • KPI dashboard system fully configurable
      • Designed for all levels of the organization
      • Real time Data Cube analysis


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NOPSA, National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority
Deltalinq, Deltalinqs
HSE, Health and Safety Executive
Petroleum Safety Authority
Offshore Industry Advisory Committe, OIAC

Smart Vision