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Royal Dutch Shell plc (LSE: RDSA, RDSB), commonly known as Shell, is an Anglo Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands and with its registered office in London, United Kingdom. It is the second largest company in the world in terms of revenue and one of the six oil and gas “supermajors”. Shell is also one of the world’s most valuable companies.
Shell is vertically integrated and is active in every area of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It also has major renewable energy activities, including in biofuels. Shell has operations in over 90 countries, produces around 3.1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day and has 44,000 service stations worldwide. Shell Oil Company, its subsidiary in the United States, is one of its largest businesses.

Shell and eVision have setup a partnership to implement electronic permit to work to each and every asset globally. Shell has selected eVision’s solution because of Permit Vision’s global enterprise capabilities, for its technical advanced features like mobility as well as for its simplicity in use.

Shell and eVision have worked in close partnership since 2012 redesigning Permit to Work, focusing on global harmonization and permit to work effectiveness. The Den Helder plant, the largest gas-processing plant in Europe, was the first site to go-live with the new Shell Global Permit to Work solution. During the next 5 years, the Shell and eVision project team is executing the Shell global Permit to Work solution strategy ensuring frontline operational safety on a global scale.

Shell E&P is one of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world, working in virtually each and every area where Oil & Gas is to be found. Shell is the leading company when it comes to safety and wants to lead the Oil & Gas industry as the safest company in the world. Shell has selected eVision to implement Permit Vision on all their E&P assets globally. The Permit Vision package ensures front-line operational safety as well as giving site and global management insight into day to day operations. Shell has very strict guidelines and procedures, Permit Vision ensures personnel is guided and enforces the Shell company rule globally.

Shell has setup a global task force team to look at each and every Permit to Work vendor globally. Many site visit were conducted, after which Shell select Permit Vision at the standard tool for Permit to Work for all assets. The Permit Vision software system has enabled Shell to effectively implemented Shell’s best practice policies for Control of Work. Additionally the Shell and eVision project group have implemented a continuous improvement cycle, enhancing both product and process. Global reporting structures have been put in to place, global knowledge sharing and active feedback loops ensure continues learning and the 6 pillars of competence are integrated through each and every level of the organization. The Shell Permit to Work project is a ‘class book’ example on how to run global operations effectively.

Shells Global Subject Matter Experts Team:
“Shell has formed a global Subject Matter Experts team for the initial design of the new global Permit to Work standard. The SME team consist of 8 Shell employees with a diverse background, ranging from HSE managers, to operations leads to permit to work coordinators joined by the eVision’s technical team of product management and implementations lead. The team members represent the large onshore GTL facilities, offshore gas processing facilities as well as the FLNG project. All continents are represented.

The Shell base-build design of the electronic Permit to Work system is a very user-friendly solution incorporating Shells standards, global legislative requirements, industry best practices as well as some ground breaking new task based and risk based approach to permit to work.

Due to the global setup of the Shell solution, the system is easily rolled-out to the different Shell assets globally, giving flexibility for local variations due to legislative requirements or other, while keeping tight global management control.

The Global implementation of the electronic Permit to Work solution is part of Shell’s continuous commitment to safety. At the heart of the Shell Permit to Work solution is the empowerment for global learning and sharing. The continuous learning, integral to the entire project and global implementation of the software, enables sharing on a global level: The global Permit to Work platform is bringing the next level in safety and productivity to the front-line operations.”


  • project summary: Shell is implementing eVision's Control of Work software solution globally
  • chosen solution(s): Permit Vision, Shift Vision


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NOPSA, National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority
Deltalinq, Deltalinqs
HSE, Health and Safety Executive
Petroleum Safety Authority
Offshore Industry Advisory Committe, OIAC

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