Shift Vision – Advanced Shift Management Software

The easiest way to log, share and monitor shift information

Shift Vision

Shift Management made easy

Making the right decision at the right time is utterly essential in hazardous industries, lives of workers depend on it. Knowing past and current events is therefore mandatory to enable continued safety and ensure correct decisions are made.

Shift Vision is an advanced shift management solution that makes it easy to capture and make data accessible across your organization.

Empower your teams to work safe and efficient:

  • Log information accurately and maintain data integrity
  • Share reliable information among different shifts and crews
  • Enable management and field workers to comply with procedures

Shift Vision has been designed with usability and integration in mind. The easy-to-use interface, client-configurable nature and efficient automation possibilities allow you to be more productive, better prepared and better informed every day.

Our shift management tool puts minimal strain on your infrastructure by offering a fully future-fit SaaS cloud solution. Accessible anywhere, at any time. Optimize your shifts, empower your workforce, and manage effectively with Shift Vision.

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  • Increase efficiency
    Shift Vision uses a 360 degree safety-efficiency model to ensure optimal operations, saving you thousands of hours annually with template functionality and data automation.
  • Ensure compliance
    Shift Vision offers a high level of regulatory and legislative compliance, in addition to a fully auditable architecture.
  • Manage with ease
    As a web-based system, Shift Vision puts minimal stress on your IT infrastructure and is highly user-configurable.



Save valuable time in the field with quick entry creation, instant search and fast navigation. The integration with 3rd party systems allows you to utilize information from your planning or maintenance systems. Speeding up the process even more.

Shift Handover


Create and share logbooks, entries and handovers within minutes, and save thousands of hours annually by automating processes within Shift Vision. With all relevant information at hand, every shift is safer and more efficient than before.


Ensure full regulatory and process compliance while creating and supporting a culture of openness and visibility. With authorization control and clear handover reports operators get a clear prioritized insight into shift events.

Shift Vision – Advanced Shift Management Software