CHANGE VISION is eVision’s answer to complex MOC processes. A Management of Change system, fully integrated into the eVision ONE Vision platform, configurable to your needs.

Change Vision, eVision’s Management of Change (MOC) solution, is a highly flexible and compliant tool for creating, monitoring, implementing, and reporting change requests. With a user-friendly interface, Change Vision provides improved visibility and communication, increasing safety and efficiency throughout your organisation’s Management of Change process.

The result is better coordination between frontline operations, further bolstered by the integration with eVision’s Control of Work solutions and external Maintenance Management Systems. This ensures that the correct information is available to the right user, at the right time, and supports operational integrity and effectiveness.

All temporary and permanent changes to organisation, personnel, systems, procedures, equipment, products, materials or substances are evaluated and managed to ensure that health, safety and environmental risks arising from these changes remain at an acceptable level and the original scope and duration of temporary changes are not exceeded without review and approval.


  • All change requests within one system will provide a clear and auditable overview and replace disparate tools like Word, Excel and emails
  • Clear overview of change requests
  • Increased efficiency by:
    • Using templates
    • Integrations to trigger, implement and monitor changes
    • Reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR): predictive view on the need for change, to prevent emergency jobs
    • Better informed decision making in day to day operations.
  • Increased assurance by:
    • Managing change requests from inception to closure
    • Integrating with engineering systems like MMS
    • Keeping track of history and maintaining an audit trail
    • Following procedures consistently and rigorously
  • Simplify compliance with Process Safety Management regulations


  • Change request form for permanent, temporary and emergency changes
  • Change authorisation process
  • Impact analysis
  • Predefined checklists for Start-up Safety Reviews (PSSR)
  • Action plans & tracking


  • Visualised MOC in site graphics
  • Integration with
    • Site graphics
    • Permits, to link changes with work
    • Maintenance Management Systems
    • Operational registers (LOLC, Inhibits & Overrides, Flanges, etc.)

Integrate & Connect

  • Full integration with your MMS (notification about the change approval)
  • Single MOC register for all changes
  • Search and archive implemented changes
  • Fully auditable workflow


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