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executive board

This is the company profile page for the executive board of eVision Industry Software. Click on any staff member to learn more about their background and the route that brought them to eVision.

Executive Board

Johan van Lubek

Chief Financial Officer

Johan van Lubek is a highly experienced financial professional with more than 15 years’ experience in different financial positions in international and national roles in various industries, including Getronics and TomTom.

Peter Kortenhorst

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kortenhorst is a seasoned executive, who served on boards and supervisory boards of (inter)national companies and foundations in a wide range of industries.

Simon Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer

Simon Kennedy is a highly experienced line and programme manager with over 15 years’ experience leading IT and organisational change trajectories for Tier-1 players in the natural resources industry globally.

Ton Geelen

Chief Commercial Officer

Ton is an experienced business leader with a 20-year track record in IT. Through his vast experience in management positions at Hewlett-Packard, ATOS and GDF-Suez, he brings invaluable expertise and presence to the eVision board.

supervisory board

Rudy Weerheym

Supervisory Board Chairman

Rudy Weerheym studied Petroleum Engineering at Delft University (1970 – with honors) and business management at Harvard Business School (1981).

Friso Janmaat

supervisory board member

Friso started as entrepreneur, held various positions at ABN AMRO investment bank and moved on as Managing Director at ABN AMRO participaties.

Rob Pieterse

Supervisory Board Member

Rob has a broad experience as a member of boards and supervisory boards of listed and non-listed companies.


Neil Currie and Gijsbert de Regt both worked in operations in hazardous environments. The two engineers shared the vision that technology should make working life easier and safer. They believe technology should empower people to carry out work safely and that technology should make it easier to plan, execute, and oversee the work. It is in this spirit that eVision was founded in 2008. They set out to create the best digital control of work solution on the market and change the way the industry will manage risk in the future.

Gijsbert de Regt


Gijsbert holds a degree in Information Technology from the Haagse Hogeschool. As Lead Product Owner he has been responsible for aligning the client requests and managing the roadmap of the vision suite.

Neil Currie


Neil has a software engineering background, primarily focusing the past 15 years on software design and software interaction.