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eVision Consulting services span the entire Control of Work (COW) lifecycle.

We perform analysis of existing operational activities and Control of Work procedures to identify any possible gaps. We carry out assessments of available and required competencies for the roles specified in your COW. Our consultants are OPITO certified competency assessors. Building on our wide industry experience and our close relations with our clients we provision recommendations and reports benchmarked against recognized industry best practice. Your task risk assessments, permit issuing, isolation management is tailored to your fit your business requirements and at the same time meets or exceeds the industry standard.

We lead the digital transformation of your Control of Work system. We are always looking for ways to empower your teams to work more efficiently and safety in the frontline. Seeking out to provide you more control and an auditable track of your controlled work activities. We have migrated hundreds of sites from paper to digital, on a regional level as well as international roll outs. Our international team works with clients all over the world and is accustomed to cultural differences.

It is our software that makes it easier to work safer, mitigate risk and remain in control. It is our people that build the capability and competence in your organization to establish a safe system of work.

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