eVision presents mobility solutions at Bartec Agile X IS DIV 1 and Zone 1 tablet launch

Bartec will officially launch their Agile X IS DIV I and Zone 1 tablet in the US market on 9 March 2017, at a private event in Houston. The Agile X IS is an intrinsically safe tablet pc that has a built-in scan engine, hot-swappable battery and diverse add-on module options to adapt to your working environment.

eVision’s George Barry, Senior Software Consultant Americas, has been invited to present eVision’s Mobile Vision at this exclusive event. In an ever-connected modern world, mobile devices are steadily finding their way into hazardous operations. Extending the reach of your Permit Vision system into the field using ATEX-compliant mobile devices drastically cuts travel and wait times, while enabling accurate and immediate exchange of information between operators and the control room. Mobile Vision captures these frontline safety and efficiency improvements in fit-for-purpose mobile apps, such as bringing isolations and permits live in the field, getting more maintenance crews to work earlier in the shift.

Users can easily understand, record and submit key tasks to and from Permit Vision, even if the device is offline for some time. With the proven Mobile Vision structure in place, clients will be able to easily mobilize more and more processes over time.

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