eVision speaks at EEPC 2018 Turnaround Workshop

eVision Industry Software is sponsoring the EEPC 2018 Turnaround workshop. This event takes place on 21-22 February in Barcelona. Here, Michel Tol, eVision Product Marketing Manager, will give a presentation on the benefits of using a digital control of work system for daily maintenance, shutdown and turnaround management.


About this event

The European Ethylene Producers Committee organised this two-day workshop. They are intent on improving Turnarounds of Ethylene Plants. Various topics related to new TAR technology, including learning from best practices and incidents, will be discussed during this event. The expected audience consists of about 70 participants from different EEPC member companies, spanning multiple domains (including Turnaround Management, Maintenance, HSEQ, Production and Asset Management).


eVision Exhibition

The EEPC Turnaround Workshop is a closed event that is only accessible to EEPC members and sponsors. If you have obtained one of these places, you can meet up with our local and global digital Permit to Work experts: Michel Tol and Kasem Challiou.

We also have an exhibition on the 2nd floor, at Diagonal 2.

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