eVision part of EnergyFest by Shell

About the event
EnergyFest is one of the main partners of StartupFest Europe, a programme set up in 2016, aiming to help newly established entrepreneurial companies grow faster by organising a week-long series of events in the Netherlands around specific themes, bringing together company founders, venture capitalists, business leaders and corporate strategists.

At EnergyFest, start-ups and scale-ups meet up with venture capitalists, corporate strategists and customers. Together, they explore how businesses might thrive in a world undergoing profound changes in the way energy is produced and used. The result is an exciting day of inventiveness, entrepreneurship and commercialisation.


Why was eVision invited
As an innovative industry leader of Control of Work solutions that has kept their start-up spirit, eVision has been invited to present its front-running solutions on the Shell Deployment Market. eVision is the global supplier of Control of Work solutions for the leading Oil & Gas majors Shell, BP, Statoil and Total and many other companies.

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