eVision’s Ivan Vogels Speaks at IPS Processäkerhet

eVision speaks and exhibits at IPS Processäkerhet (9-10 October) in Gothenburg. IPS Processäkerhet is organised by the Process Safety Association in Sweden. This year’s theme is Process Safety and focusses on the industry’s best practices. The 2-day event presents interesting and stimulating lectures, discussions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities for over 100 industry finest professionals.



eVision’s Director Alliances & Partnerships, Ivan Vogels, will be presenting a 30-minute mini-seminar at IPS Processäkerhet on 9 October on “Process Safety and Control of Work in the Chemical Industry”. You can sign up for this and other mini-seminars by clicking on the following link. Other noteworthy sessions are:

  • Lessons from a serious incident
  • Measure and improve safety culture
  • Risk Communication and shared understanding
  • Use of process safety indicators



You’ll be able to discuss this and aforementioned topics with our local and global Control of Work experts, Kasem Challiou and Ivan Vogels. You can set up a meeting by sending them a message on LinkedIn or an email to info@evision-software.com.



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