eVision webinar: How Augmented Reality and Control of Work strengthen each other

| 24 June 2020 | Webinar| PTC & eVision Present: How Augmented Reality and Control of Work strengthen each other|

PTC and eVision jointly presented the third eVision webinar on Wednesday 24 June 2020 at 9am CDT/4pm CET. Request the recording to join us, Jos Westerkamp (AR Solution Consultant at PTC) and Welmer van Ginkel (Sr. Business Consultant/AR enthusiast at eVision), for the third webinar in the series to learn how AR and Control of Work complement each other and what the benefits are for industrial companies. Request access to the video at the bottom of this page!



Augmented Reality (AR) and Control of Work (COW) go hand in hand, while COW is making sure frontline workers can execute their work in safe conditions, AR is currently reshaping the way frontline employees get their information and enables organisations to train staff, troubleshoot and rapidly resolve any task. Executing maintenance is the most compelling use case for both COW and AR, but how to use this technology in hazardous environments with added challenges like poor connectivity and absent 3D content? We will discuss the state of play in AR and also demonstrate two very practical examples of COW in combination with AR. Learn how Augmented Reality strengthens COW in this webinar where PTC and eVision present the latest technology.


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We are honored to share our webinar series with you! Join us for digital sessions by eVision clients and executives where you gain the latest insights on ORM, including the future of Dynamic Barrier Management (Bow-ties), best practices for software and process integration and the broadening scope of Operational Risk Management across verticals and converging with EHS. Make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair and get inspired to learn across a variety of domains.

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