eVision sponsors and speaks at Global STMI Forum

eVision is bronze sponsor at the upcoming Global Shutdown, Turnaround, Maintenance & Inspection (STMI) Forum, taking place on 27-29 March 2019 in Amsterdam. The forum offers opportunities to enhance, refine and realign your Shutdowns and Turnarounds strategy to deliver operational efficiencies. The economic outlook remains challenging, and the ability to plan and implement efficient, safe and cost-effective shutdowns and turnarounds has rarely been as integral to operational effectiveness as it is now.

Qualified Shutdowns and Turnarounds managers will always be a scarce commodity, so ensuring the right knowledge and experience is transferred and shared is key to delivering long-term operational excellence. In addition, new software and other technologies, including digital Permit to Work, P&IDS and Barrier Management, continue to enhance the planning and implementation process, whilst also delivering value-add opportunities.

Key learning objectives are:

  • Discover the essentials of decisive systematic planning of turnarounds
  • Learn how to manage critical circumstances during on-site turnaround management
  • Discuss how to avoid unnecessary maintenance
  • Contemplate best practices in managing contractors and suppliers
  • Explore the digital benefits of Industry 4.0
  • Avoid pitfalls in decision-making and understand the legal side of shutdowns and planning



The forum revolves around a high value programme including keynotes such as:

  • Opportunistic Shutdown Management” | Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives Company | Maintenance Planning Team Leader, Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed
  • Turnaround Change Management: An Organization’s Transformational Journey DuPont Case Study” | Addivant | Plant Manager, Chris Vaughn
  • Using Asset Real Time data from planning to execution to optimise shutdown management” | BHP | Superintendent Maintenance A&I, Ali Izadi


One of the key sessions to attend takes place on March 28th, at 11:40am, where eVision’s Michel Tol shall present: “Improving Maintenance and Shutdown Management through digital innovation”, covering:

  • Understand how modern tools like digital Permit to Work can positively impact the effectivity and productivity of your workforce
  • Learn about useful industry innovations, from Barrier Management to digital P&ID
  • Hear testimonials from industry supermajors
  • Learn how we can move forward together towards safer, more efficient operations



You’ll be able to discuss aforementioned topics, and more, with our onsite experts Welmer van Ginkel, Michel Tol, and Daniel Boctor. You can set up a meeting by sending them a message on LinkedIn or an email to info@evision-software.com.



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