eVision wins entrepreneurship award ‘Zilveren Ooievaar’ (Silver Stork)

eVision has been declared the winner of The Hague’s entrepreneurship award Zilveren Ooievaar by the municipality of The Hague and The Hague region of Rabobank. Jury chairman Karsten Klein presented the trophy and a sum of 5000 euros to eVision, who may now call itself ‘The Hague Entrepreneur of the Year’. The jury this year consisted of representatives of VNO-NCW The Hague, MKB The Hague, KPMG, Omroep West and last year’s winner Secrid B.V.

The Zilveren Ooievaar
The Zilveren Ooievaar was awarded to eVision Industry Software at the kick-off of the Ondernemersplein by the chairman of the jury, Karsten Klein, alderman Urban Economics, Care and Ports. Three companies from The Hague were nominated for the Zilveren Ooievaar. This is the annual prize awarded to an outstanding entrepreneurship that benefits the city of The Hague. The nominees were gas station and carwash centre B. Kerkhof & Son, The Penthouse, in The Hague Tower, and eVision Industry Software.

Alderman Karsten Klein: ‘eVision Industry Software was chosen as the winner, because the jury was impressed by the company’s strong growth, business management and collaboration. By facilitating and simplifying access to difficult processes, the company ensures that we work safer and more efficiently on a worldwide scale. In addition, the company has invested heavily in the job satisfaction of their employees. They not only provide sports facilities – a private gym – and healthy food options, but they set up an innovative and attractive office space. eVision has also proven itself socially aware by getting involved with schools and supporting charities, like the project ‘Refugee, but mostly just a kid’ from UNICEF. The owners and leaders of eVision have, in the jury’s words, shown vision and courage by founding the company in a difficult time. They have been able to build a global business that helps the world’s largest companies work safely and more efficiently. Truly a company to be proud of.’

Neil Currie, co-founder eVision Industry Software: ‘This entrepreneurship award of the city of The Hague is an extraordinary appreciation for our employees. They are the ones who have made our tremendous growth in recent years possible. Hailing from 25 different countries, the majority of our people feel right at home in The Hague’s international environment. That is why we happily dedicate this characteristic Hague price to all our employees and customers.’

In control with eVision Industry Software

The purpose of eVision is to help clients gain and maintain control of their operations. eVision strives to make everything they do as user friendly as possible for the end user, whether that involves
development or design. The information and knowledge we provide supports and enables safer and more efficient work. Innovation and collaboration are key, so that risks are managed in the most efficient way to achieve complete proficiency.