Major upgrade for HESS Denmark releasing new improved LOLC features

With the go live of a major upgrade of their Permit Vision system, HESS Denmark now benefits from eVision’s new Lock Open Lock Closed (LOLC) improvements that are built into the latest Permit Vision product version. In addition to enabling these LOLC features, this upgrade also includes various other change requests to further improve the operational safety and excellence of HESS Denmark’s operations.

Lock Open Lock Closed valve management is incredibly important for the overall integrity of installations. Where removing a safety barrier typically introduces risk, changing a position of a LOLC valve introduces a direct threat to the integrity of the installation, with undesirable consequences as a result. eVision’s LOLC management system manages both operator movements and maintenance movements for LOLC. The system provides direct insight into the LOLC register and a clear overview of any changed positions as well as structuring and management of all movements and authorisation levels.

Five years ago, eVision was selected by HESS for the implementation of a digital Control of Work system on HESS offshore installations in the Danish North Sea waters. In 2013, Permit Vision was successfully deployed to the first offshore installations. The digital Control of Work system enables HESS Denmark to manage the permit to work process, isolations, safety critical valves (LOLC), risk assessment, audits and operational risk assessment from a single product.

Permit Vision is used at the South Arne complex, located off the coast of the Danish part of the North Sea. The South Arne complex consists of a combined wellhead and processing and accommodation platform, connected by a bridge to wellhead platform WHPE and to the unmanned satellite platform WHPN.

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