Mobile Solutions

eVision Mobile Solutions take various key Control of Work processes and put these in your hands. From isolation confirmation to issuing permits directly on the field.

In an ever-connected modern world, mobile devices are steadily finding their way into hazardous operations. Being able to communicate data directly over long distances tremendously increases awareness and shortens the time it takes to get your work done, due to on-demand critical intelligence and streamlined work processes.

eVision’s Mobile Solutions capture these frontline safety and efficiency improvements in an easy-to-use app framework. Using ATEX-compliant devices, vital information can now be logged and shared between the control room and the field in real time, resulting in direct efficiency gains and decreased risk.


  • Real-time information from front line to control room
  • Fit-for-purpose apps, seamlessly integrated with the ONE Vision platform
  • Online/offline functionality
  • a comprehensive architecture that complements and extends your current infrastructure
  • Made for ATEX Zone 1 devices for hazardous industries

Isolation management tools

Placing isolations | Helps crew involved understand the isolation plan as approved in Permit Vision, and the points for which they are responsible, which they can mark as completed with the required details (such as the lock number)

Cross-checking isolations | Bring isolations live from the field. Supports scanning of RFID tags on equipment to retrieve the right isolation plan, and scanning of barcodes on isolation tags to conveniently assure that the correct points are checked


ON-site Permit Issuing

Streamline your day-to-day | A critical piece of information typically missing from the control room’s monitoring dashboards is the time at which a permit actually went live in the field. Being able to record and time-stamp that final decision to start work has both safety benefits (up-to-date understanding of jobs in progress) and efficiency benefits: field operators can deliver these decisions while staying on site, and there is now a reliable record of when contractors get to work.



Interface | Many permits require testing for one or more substances before they can be issued, and many more require various types of measurements to be taken periodically during the job to assure continued safety. eVision Mobile Solutions enable authorized testers to easily understand which locations require which tests, record the values measured (automatically time-stamped), and submit them into their corresponding permits in Permit Vision – all without leaving the field.



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