People behind evision

Peter Kortenhorst
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kortenhorst is a seasoned executive, who served on boards and supervisory boards of (inter)national companies and foundations in a wide range of industries and services both as member and chairman.

He started in 1976 with Bank Mees & Hope (MeesPierson) and became Senior Executive Vice-President and General Manager of its Merchant Banking division. At that time the division was specialized in structured finance, mergers & acquisitions and first and secondary offerings of bonds and stocks.

Peter joined family owned Granaria Holdings in 1993 as CFO. The company was in a transition process from one of the leading European grain- and feedstuff importers and traders into an industrial conglomerate. The company acquired companies in niche markets like Automotive (supply), Aerospace (batteries), Defense (optical), Nuclear (boron) and Food (nut and dried fruit processing). The majority of revenue was realized in the USA and Europe. When he left in 2000, Granaria’s revenue had grown tenfold to well over US$ 1 billion.

Peter joined the board of Connexxion Holding in 2001. Connexxion was the Dutch state-owned dominant market leader in regional public-, coach- and taxi(bus) transport as well as market leader in maintenance of truck and bus fleets. Under his leadership as CEO he led the company through turbulent times of the liberalisation process of the Dutch public transport market. Consequently the company was privatized in 2007 resulting in a healthy profit for the Dutch state. Peter then also joined the new parent’s executive board as vice CEO and retired at the end of 2008.