Fully connected Permit to Work software, combining industry-leading Permit to Work with Risk Assessments, Isolation Management, and advanced ecosystem integrations.

Understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers is what keeps eVision in the lead. Over the years, this has led to a deep knowledge of how industry processes are arranged, and why. eVision has combined the most effective Permit to Work software, Isolation, Risk management, and assessment methodologies into an interlinked solution: Permit Vision.

Part of the ONE Vision integrated Operational Excellence platform, Permit Vision is designed to fit your needs and scale together with them, both functionally and geographically. From single-asset Cloud-based Control of Work, to global enterprise solutions with bidirectional third-party integrations, to advanced tools such as Interactive P&ID and Barrier Management.


  • Fast implementation of eVision’s industry-leading Permit to Work software
  • Mobility add-ons for added in-field functionality
  • Cloud-enabled
  • Transparent monthly subscriptions
  • Easy rollout to multiple assets/locations
  • Scale up functionality, users and assets with ease
  • Unprecedented safety, efficiency and productivity, from front line to management


Procedures | The Permit Vision solution can be fully configured to suit your business rules, relevant legislature and regulations

Compliance | Permit Vision ensures all employees follow the correct Permit to Work processes, ensuring all elements of work are examined and assessed for maximum safety and efficiency

Oversight | See everything going on across your asset(s) with real-time graphical overviews and integrated conflict detection


Fully Integrated | With connected and interdependent Permit to Work software, risk assessment and isolation management as standard, Permit Vision offers unprecedented compliance and safety

Ecosystem Connected | Permit Vision can interface with numerous external systems, including MMS, DMS and DCS

Modular |  Expand Permit Vision with various useful add-ons including interactive P&ID, Critical Valve Management, Operational Risk Assessment and more, leading the way towards a fully digital plant


Interface | easy to use and consistent interface and workflows ensure optimal adoption by your workforce

Printouts | Permit Vision offers fully configurable printouts of Permits, ICCs and Risk Assessments, allowing employees to always have the correct information at hand on-site

Advanced Search | search archived permits, risk assessments and ICCs with various queries


eVision’s Permit Vision system is made to scale with your organisations. From core Permit to Work to fully integrated Control of Work across multiple assets, Permit Vision is available to suit your exact needs.

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