Global maritime implementation of Permit Vision

Heerema contracted eVision to implement digital Permit to Work across all its vessels globally. eVision delivered extensive training to Heerema prior to taking the software into operation.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) brings more than 50 years of specialized skills to the offshore oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies rely on HMC for full offshore field development in the toughest of environments in all the seas of the world. Heerema builds long-term client relationships by solving what looks like impossible challenges and by delivering on their promises. Innovation and ingenuity are key to their success.

Heerema performs support work on rigs, tankers, and installations for third parties across the world. The digital Permit to Work system replaced Heerema’s paper-based system resulting in more effective permit processes on all jobs. Since vessels perform work in remote locations for long periods of time, there is often little or no data connection available. Such circumstances require a robust, synchronization-friendly software system which can function without data connections.

eVision was selected by Heerema to implement a best practice, high quality and efficient digital system for controlling the Permit to Work process for all vessels. Permit Vision empowers staff to work safer, better, and faster, resulting in short and long-term benefits.

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