Major national Permit Vision rollout

NAM contracted eVision to implement digital Permit to Work across all 340 sites in the Netherlands.

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM) has explored for and produced oil and gas in the Netherlands since 1947, both onshore and offshore. The NAM main objectives are to sustain production from existing fields, explore for and develop new fields, and obtain more gas from existing fields by using innovative techniques.

NAM Den Helder is the largest Gas processing plant in Europe, furthermore, NAM the Netherlands produces 75% of all Dutch gas. NAM is a joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil. The standards of operations of both companies are very high and expectations for the implementation of the electronic permit to work system were equally. The system and new processes were rolled-out early 2013 and were a great success. Currently eVision and NAM are working closely on the extension of the project where more advanced features will be introduced around mobility and predictive operational risk management.

NAM Den Helder together with Shell selected eVision for the implementation of Permit to Work, Isolation Management and Risk Assessment software. eVision’s Permit Vision was selected for the usability of the system, the simplicity in use and the technological advances it has over other players in the market. eVision and NAM have jointly rolled-out Permit Vision within the DHR GBI plant in Den Helder. A tremendous positive feedback was given on the Permit Vision system. The implementation went very smoothly due to an extensive training & on-site support program which was provided for all DHR GBI personnel. A lot of big screens were placed within the plant to make it much more transparent what is happening within the plant, where the permits are and where the clashes are. This gave NAM Den Helder a great insight to the operators where the risks are and where the work is ongoing.

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