Major national Permit Vision implementation

Origin contracted eVision for the implementation of digital Permit to Work on a single site in Australia the size of France. On the site are 7.000 wells and processing facilities. Additionally, Origin uses MMS Integration, Mobility, and LOLC.

Origin Energy was formed in February 2000, as a result of a demerger from the Australian conglomerate Boral Limited, in which the energy business was removed from the building and construction materials business to form the new company.

Between 2001 and 2002, Origin acquired the Victorian electricity network suppliers Powercor and CitiPower. In 2004, the SEA Gas Pipeline was completed and commissioned, which served to link the Victorian and South Australian gas markets. During this time, Origin obtained 50% interest in the Kupe Gas Field, and managed to obtain Edison Mission Energy’s 51.4% interest in New Zealand’s Contact Energy. Origin sold its 53% shareholding in Contact Energy to the market in 2015.

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