SHIFT Vision

SHIFT VISION is eVision’s fully Cloud-enabled shift management software. it enables you to log shift data, share information and monitor processes with ease, ensuring optimal Shift control and visibility.

Shift Vision, eVision’s advanced Cloud-enabled Shift Management software, has been designed from the ground up with usability and integration in mind. The innovative tool allows you to be more productive, better prepared and better informed every day. Fully cloud-ready, Shift Vision enables you to log shift data, share information and monitor processes with ease, ensuring optimal control and visibility within your shifts.

Unlike paper logs, unclear spreadsheets and multiple databases, Shift Vision provides flawless capturing, accessing and analyzing information in a structured and user-friendly way. Shift Vision facilitates a logbook and handover centric approach that fosters collaboration, creating a workforce that is aware, effective and up-to-date.


  • Create and share logbooks, entries and handovers within minutes
  • Save thousands of hours annually by automating processes within Shift Vision
  • Utilize all relevant information at hand, making every shift safer and more efficient than before
  • Full integration with both external systems (such as your MMS) and Permit Vision, enabling effortless shift management

The system allows you to overcome the challenges of disconnected or paper-based shift management. eVision’s extensive experience in hazardous industries software has resulted in a solution that fully understands your requirements, both at the front-line and on a management level.

Our shift management tool puts minimal strain on your infrastructure by offering a fully future-fit SaaS solution. Accessible anywhere, at any time. Optimise your shifts, empower your workforce, and manage effectively with Shift Vision.


Efficiency | use predefined templates and quick-add & edit logbook entries. Instant Search puts what you need at your fingertips

Accuracy | Reduction of potential errors through automatic external systems event registration, enriching the information available in logbooks and handovers

Awareness | Increase awareness and alignment across parties by sharing essential shift information between logbooks with a single click


Control | Dedicated shift overview for easy information exchange and shift / crew handover signing

Efficiency | Easy information selection during shift / crew handover, which reduces preparation time and bolsters collaboration between teams

Safety | Information is sourced directly from connected systems, improving quality of logbooks and reducing the risk of incidents occurring


Unified PRocess

Standardisation | Handovers and registration of events are consistently structured and uniform across your organisation, on a business unit, site or organisational level

Reports | Clear (management) insight into shift and crew handover reports with prioritised insight into shift events, streamlining the decision-making and reporting process

Authorisation | Built-in, configurable user access management system gives every user the specific functionality he or she needs


eVision’s Shift Vision system is made to scale with your organisations. From basic shift management to a fully integrated solution across multiple assets, Shift Vision is available to suit your exact needs.

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