Successful Domain Driven Design Meet Up

20 December 2018

eVision was pleased to host Domain Driven Design NL’s (DDD NL) Meetup on 13 December, where attendees exchanged practical advice on how to promote DDD thinking inside their organisations – and, of course, enjoyed dinner, drinks and socializing.

Marijn Huizendveld, the founder of DDD NL, shared his strategy for ensuring Domain Driven Design receives buy-in at all levels of the organisation, based on his observations at various companies, over six years. About half of the audience said they already used DDD principles in their daily work, but the group agreed that making design thinking successful requires investing in skills and practice

Marijn Huizendveld’s key habits for success:

  1. Domain expertise. Good teams really listen to domain experts and observe, not trying to interpret. Just ask why, why, why. You cannot make decisions without domain knowledge.
  2. Management buy-in. Whoever pays the bills must understand why we do DDD and must give us a mandate that is long enough to allow us to implement DDD successfully.
  3. Feature toggle everything. Put things out there fast to see how they work out. To make this successful, teams need a robust process of testing and commit to solid CI pipeline, to reduce the burden of code reviews. Commit early; commit often.
  4. People. Listen to your environment. Teams should develop a ubiquitous language and shape it together. This is not just verbal or written; it is also visual. Do not come up with solutions within silos. Work out the hows with your domain expert. Try event storming.
  5. Have skin in the game. Successful software designers get into the complexity of the code, understanding that their decisions affect other parts of the organisation. You have to be able to say no. Ask the requestor, “Why we should do X over Y?” to prevent edge cases from ruining your design model. You are the technological conscience of the organisation.


About DDD NL

DDD NL is a community in the Netherlands for people who practice Domain Driven Design. DDD NL creates a platform for developers of all skill levels to discuss ideas and exchange experiences in order to broaden everyone’s understanding of Domain Driven Design.


About eVision

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