We offer product training packages and industry best practice Control of Work or a combination of the two. Select the training courses below to select the right training for the various roles in your organization, Performing Authority, Issuing Authority, Site Authority, Area Authority, as well as administrators.

All training can be delivered on site or via e-learning. Next to our standard packages we can create and deliver bespoke training tailored to your needs.

Safety awareness training

eVision’s Training and Services Team possesses an unrivalled depth of Operational and HSE experience and expertise across the hazardous industry domain and through our classroom and e-Learning Safety Awareness Training packages we can ensure your organisation can maintain and improve safe working practices. Our Safety Awareness training has been developed to provide workers and supervisors with the skills needed to perform their work in the safest possible manner. Focusing on industry recognized best practice these courses will deliver the underpinning knowledge required to operate within safety systems and to employ common sense for the protection of health, safety and environment with particular focus on the individual’s own attitude towards safety. Of course we are also able to customize our packages to your specific requirements.

Permit to work level 1

To maximize the effectiveness of your software implementation eVision can tailor training solutions for our complete range of products to meet the needs of your organization and personnel. eVision will provide a customized training strategy and build course structures and training materials to align to your procedures, your workforce needs and any tailored software functionality. Our highly experienced Trainers will ensure that all roles and system users are well equipped for effective implementation.

Understanding risk assessment

eVision’s Risk Assessment Training provides individuals and organisations involved in the hazardous industry sector with the tools required to deal with their own unique set of risks, whether natural, man-made or operational, as part of their daily operations. Our classroom and e-Learning Risk Assessment packages encompass the full range of the risk spectrum and provide clients with the knowledge to manage risk in a prioritized manner in order to communicate risk judgments effectively.

Isolation management

eVision’s Isolation Management Training is designed to provide organisations and individuals with requisite knowledge to isolate plant and equipment safely as well as how to reduce the risk of releasing hazardous substances during intrusive activities such as maintenance and sampling operations. It focusses on the methodology for selecting ‘baseline’ process isolation standards and outlines preventive and risk reduction measures including Task Risk Assessment, Operational Risk Assessment and Safe Isolations and Reinstatement including classroom and coaching in the field for isolation implementation, lockout and tagout, reinstatement and recording of status.

Train the trainer

The value of having a competent, trained workforce, and its contribution to productivity and safety is well recognized and eVision can offer a train the trainer program that works closely with a small group of the client’s own in-house trainers, typically 3-4 persons per group, with the aim of achieving the eVision standard of training competence and system knowledge required by all of our trainers.

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