industry focus:

Pushing the energy industry towards a safer, better future.

Great minds are constantly developing innovative, sustainable ways to harness the world’s energy. Cutting-edge power sources require cutting-edge integrated Permit to Work software to keep them optimally operational. eVision’s ONE Vision platform enables these innovators to continue pushing the boundaries. ONE Vision’s configurable nature ensures that even the most modern methodologies can be translated directly into the system, ensuring unprecedented uptime, real-time information, and safety.


“Putting the sun in a bottle.” This is ITER’s goal after this experimental fusion device –a long-term collaboration between 35 nations—goes live in 2025. eVision’s ONE Vision platform will support ITER in the construction and maintenance phase of this monumental breakthrough in energy production.


An infinite resource which delivers emission-free energy. A solution which is one of the lowest-cost renewable energy technologies available today. It is clear why wind turbines are seeing an increase in volume across the globe. eVision offers wind-specific configurations of its industry-leading Control of Work tools, to ensure the safe and efficient construction and maintenance of this renewable energy source.


Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water. Rain or melted snow, usually originating in hills and mountains, create streams and rivers that eventually run to the ocean. The energy of that moving water can be substantial. Hydroelectric power provides almost one-fifth of the world’s electricity. eVision holds a green future in high regard, and is currently developing a Hydropower-specific configuration of its leading ONE Vision platform to help Hydropower providers across the globe achieve Operational Excellence at an accelerated pace.

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